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I am not a counselor or a therapist. I am a Queen who finally picked up her crown and gracefully placed it back on my head. I was once afraid, ashamed, in denial, and did not know how to deal with past trauma or hurt.


Meet LaTesha Monique

LaTesha is a devoted wife and mother of 4. Wearing several hats, LaTesha is an exceptional Motivational Advisor helping women understand their quest for healing. She is dedicated to showing women the upside to starting their healing journey for “real”. LaTesha is also the Founder of 3 Nique Girls, Inc. Non-profit Organization helping build and strengthen the bond between mother and daughter. Serving on several volunteer boards and an active member of elite organizations. LaTesha still finds time to enjoy life on her terms, that includes: serving in the community, reading, writing, traveling and family time.

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